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A Fresh Start

BeallBy Cindy Beall
This week's topic: A New Beginning


I love every season of the year. I absolutely love the fall days where it’s crisp in the mornings and pleasant in the afternoons. I often look forward to our first freeze of winter that will allow me to pull out my fun, winter boots. Fewer things are more pleasant than a perfect, spring day when the flowers are beginning to bloom. And although summer can get terribly hot in my part of the country, I still love the carefree days it brings with my family.


I guess you could say that I love the beginning of each season; I love a fresh start.

A new year offers that to us. People make resolutions each year saying they will be better at things and give up certain guilty pleasures. But after a few weeks, most of us are tempted to go back to our old ways and eventually fall into it hoping that maybe the next year, we’ll do better.

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Becoming Like Jesus

cdollarBy Dr. Creflo A. Dollar
This week's topic: A New Beginning


When you become born-again, something amazing happens; your spirit is immediately transformed and given new life, the eternal life of God. The Holy Spirit then takes up residence in your heart, or inner man. At that time, the character of Jesus is deposited on the inside of you; however, it does not immediately manifest. Your soul (the place where your mind, will and emotions reside) must first undergo a metamorphosis. Your old habits and thought patterns must be changed before Jesus’ character can be exhibited through you. However, it’s up to you to renew your mind and develop that character. 

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crumBy Lisa Crum
This week's topic: A New Beginning


Some of us still have the notion that true blessing exists only ifthere are no problems. As a matter of fact, many people come to Christ thinking that salvation exes out any future potential for trouble, only to be disappointed and disillusioned. Some depart from the faith when they perceive that God has chosen not to come through for them in a crisis, in the manner which they'd hoped. And still others live in a topsy-turvy, “one-day chicken, next-day feathers” kind of mindset. Today I say I'm blessed, tomorrow I say I'm not blessed, on and on. So what DOES our Lord really mean when He uses the phrase "abundant life?" 


I believe the answer in part lies in the fact that He mentioned His provision and the attack of the enemy in the same passage. It's as if there's a huge "HOWEVER" that links the two. He isn't offering abundant lifein place ofour suffering...He's offering this gift IN SPITE OF it.

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Coming Out Of Old, Transforming Into New

apostleginaBy Apostle Gina Prince
This week's topic: A New Beginning


2012 is a New Year and we celebrate it with joy, new hope, and new expectations. What a journey to walk, especially when you are walking it out with The Lord. Most of the times as we are super excited starting but some have trouble with seeing it out.  


God revealed in a vision to me, people stopping at the entry way of new beginnings. He told me if the people will just walk through the process, they will continually see blessings and miracles. Not only will they see, they will experience and receive.

The example He showed me was how He dealt with the Israelites. When they crossed the Red Sea He began to show them great and mighty things. The process was for them to be delivered, healed and set free from their past. At the point of the Red Sea, they were at the beginning of the new, leaving the old.

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I’ve Got Next

McCULLOUGHBy Bishop John McCullough
This week's topic: A New Beginning


That is the statement one makes when he intends to be the next one to play in a pick-up basketball game. Today it is not used to reference intentions for a game rather it is for the next level of victory in life. At the beginning of every year there is always great anticipation and expectation that the New Year will bring greater manifestations of blessings than the previous year.


If you want to experience new levels of blessings it requires new levels of commitment, dedication, and willingness on your part. Isaiah 1:19-20 states “if you be willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land but if you refuse and rebel, you shall be devoured with the sword for the mouth of Yahweh has spoken it.”

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