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Many Are Called

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apostleginaBy Apostle Gina Prince
This week's topic: Serving Others


To be a leader, you must first learn how to serve. Servanthood is a true sign of discipleship. Getting yourself prepared for the role of a servant is easy. To begin, you must surrender and submit, starting with God first, giving Him your all. He can then teach you the fundamentals of servanthood. 


Jesus was a great example of a servant. He submitted Himself to God as a servant. He led the disciples into a lifestyle of a servant and He then told them to teach all He had taught them (Matthew 28:19-20). He served many who were sick. He served many that were hungry. He served! (Mark 10:42-45).

Today, look for opportunities to be used by God. Do as your Lord Jesus and serve in your community. Look for every moment to be used to help build The Kingdom of God. This is a new day and a great opportunity to hear God say, “I am pleased.”

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Residual Value

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crumBy Lisa Crum
This week's topic: Serving Others


Last night while driving home from a small group meeting, the term “residual value” came bobbing like a message in a bottle into my thoughts, and I immediately began to pray and ask the Lord to reveal the lesson to be learned here. Ever notice how He baits you in, and only after you’re good and curious does He unwrap a nugget of His wonderful truth? When God next spoke to my spirit that His children have a residual value which far exceeds their “sticker price,” immediately I got excited, and the fatigue of a long day was replaced by energy of the anticipated. 

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Exceedingly Productive for God

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kbutlerBy Bishop Keith Butler
This week's topic: Serving Others


The exceedingly productive individual is the person who wins people in places where they're hostile. These people may be on the street, and they don't know Jesus. They don't agree with the Word of God. They're not praising, singing, or worshipping God.


God didn't call you to eat, drink and be merry. God called you to do a job for Him, and He's promised you eternal life. I thank God that the Lord had some servants who got out of their comfort zone and told me about Jesus. I'm glad there were some servants who decided that I was worth getting saved and snatched out of citizenry. I thank God for the people who helped get me in the kingdom of God. They gave money to do it, and they got on the street to do it. They preached to do it, and they printed books to do it.

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Total Life Prosperity: God’s Will

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cdollarBy Dr. Creflo A. Dollar
This week's topic: The Pursuit Of Wealth


There is nothing humble or noble about being poor. In fact, poverty is a part of the curse that came upon mankind after Adam and Eve’s disobedience in the Garden of Eden. Ever since that point, man has had to toil in order to make it in life, and lack has been a reality. To make matters worse, there are people who actually believe that God uses poverty to teach people something, and that it is His will. 


Nothing could be farther from the truth. Poverty is not God’s will. He desires that we live full, abundant lives, with nothing missing, lacking, or broken. Getting an understanding of total life prosperity is critical.

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Great and Precious Promises

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SHeitzigBy Skip Heitzig
This week's topic: The Pursuit Of Wealth


Once, when this country was still being settled, a man came to a river in winter when there was a sheet of ice on it. There was no bridge, and with night approaching, he needed to get across. Unsure of the thickness of the ice, he got down on his hands and knees and very slowly crawled out. When he had gone about halfway, he heard singing behind him. He looked back to see a horse-drawn wagon filled with coal going right over the river, with the driver singing as he went! The man on all fours had a stronger foundation than he knew!


There are 31,173 verses in the Bible, some of which you may have underlined. And the ones you've marked are probably promises--promises that God has made to man or promises that you've said, "God made this one to me this morning as I read it." There are a lot of promises in the Bible. Some years ago, a man in Canada counted them, and came up with 7,487. In case you're wondering, that averages over 20 promises every day that you can lean upon.

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